About us


Photo de Ivan Communod
Chief Executive Officer
Ivan Communod
Ivan is a man of challenges with an engineering background. Animated by an entrepreneurial spirit and a real passion for innovation, he spent 20 years working in digital, media and finance.

During the COP21 he participated to a life changing project, the launch of the operation 1Heart 1Ttree that contribute to 55.000 trees in five continent. This experienced changed his perspective and fueled is passion for fighting climate change.
Photo de Matthieu Helwig
Development Manager
Matthieu Helwig
With a solid background in research and more specifically in the development of industrial partnerships, Matthieu is passionate about creating new synergies. Whereas it’s public-private partnerships, interdisciplinary projects or innovative collaborations between entrepreneurs and scientists, Matthieu strives to connect ideas and people.
photo de Mazen Alsarem
Chief AI Officer
Mazen Alsarem
With a PhD in semantic web, Mazen is addicted to data and software engineering. He also founded several startups and is passionate about the world of entrepreneurship. His rich background allows him to lead the developpement of solutions dedicated to help reduce CO2 emissions, such as the open data platform for researchers.
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Open roles
We’re looking for people who want to find radical solutions to the world’s most stubborn problems. If you're a scientist, an engineer, a project manager motivated to push up unknowns, a carbon strategy & sustainable finance expert or something in between and want to build from scratch greentech & deeptech innovations,  lets talk and contact us.

Our values

Mission driven

As a mission-driven company, our goal will always be to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. We strive to make a positive impact, and we want to make it fast. It is time to take action in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.


We believe in innovative solutions to fight climate change. We support researchers, and we want to close the gap between the research world and large companies. We are facing the largest challenge humanity has ever met, and we’ll need to think outside the box to see it through.


Innovative and safe solutions to reduce and remove carbon from the atmosphere will need collaboration and transparency to be developped. We do not fear the public eye, on the contrary. We want our actions and results to be accessible to everyone.

Global impact

We are convinced that every gesture, even the smallest, towards a sustainable future, counts. But in order to reach net-zero emissions, we need to also implement large scale, ambitious, solutions. At Carbon Time, we chose to focus on solutions with a global impact.