If you are serious about your carbon trajectory, we are serious about getting results.

We help large companies act on their carbon trajectory, by creating and implementing innovative solutions. Because now is the time to act.

The journey to net-zero emissions needs you.

The science is clear: a world at +2°C of global warming is a world extremely difficult to inhabit. Extreme meteorological events, food shortages, rising sea levels, more and more species becoming extinct... The list of consequences is long and dire.
The good news is that a better trajectory is possible if we face this challenge. The Paris agreement defines the road to follow: we need to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Which means hitting the target of net-zero emissions by 2050.
In addition to governements, more and more companies are pledging to reach net-zero emissions, or ar least considerably reduce and compensate their emissions.
We are just at the beginning of the journey, but the momentum is building. Now is the time to act and to embark on this challenge.

We walk the talk with you.

We are not interested in writing guidelines and leave you searching for solutions. We work with a consortium of scientists and engineers to create and implement innovative solutions to avoid sequester greenhouse gases emissions.
Our unique expertise allows us to craft bespoke solutions adapted to your industry and the specific needs of your company.

our method

Assess & target
We audit and measure your greenhouse gases emissions, in all 3 scopes, meaning your own emissions and the emissions produced by your entire value chain. We define your objectives.
Explore & innovate
We explore and identify with you innovative solutions for permanent carbon removal related to your business, supported by our rich network of scientists and multidisciplinary experts.
Implement & measure
We work together to demonstrate the feasibility and measure the impact of these solutions, allowing you to clearly communicate on our results.
Scale & reduce
We define the path to scale up the application of the results, to achieve massive and permanent reduction of your carbon emissions.

A unique challenge needs innovative solutions

Accelerating a natural process to remove carbon from the atmosphere at large scale
In one of our pilot projects, we used olivine, a mineral naturally present in nature, to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it.
This project, which stems from 30 years of scientific research, will provide governments and private companies with a scalable and cost-effective solution for carbon sequestration.

What will your carbon trajectory look like?

Whether you are ready to start your journey to net-zero emissions, or just want to know more, contact us, and let’s discuss the possibilities for your company.