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Carbon removal is crucial to reach net zero emissions and mitigate climate change impact. Carbon Time Lab is an open data platform and a scientific community dedicated to supporting research and development for carbon removal technologies.

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If your work is related to carbon removal technologies, either in applied or more fundamental domains, Carbon Time Lab can help you push your research further and get results faster.

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We publish the results of our pilot projects on our dedicated platform. Carbon removal science needs transparency and collaboration to progress!

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Carbon Time Lab is a consortium of research teams working on carbon removal. Let’s foster collaboration and create partnerships!

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We provide you an access to field demonstrators, scientific bases to develop knowledges. Through our community we support and fund R&D projects

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We also aim to close the gap between research and real life applications. If you’d like, you can consult on projects with companies to help them reduce and compensate for their CO2 emissions.

What is carbon removal?

In order to avoid the worst scenario for climate change, we need to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Two complementary pathways are needed to fulfill this target.

First, we need strategies to reduce emissions, such as renewable energies or energy efficiency.

But we also need to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Carbon removal mechanisms already exists in the natural world: trees and whales are well known for removing carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it as biomass.

A trajectory to reach net-zero emissions needs to both support these already existing mechanisms (through reforestation projects for exemple), and to research safe and efficient technological solutions.

“All analysed pathways limiting global warming to 1.5°C [...] use Carbon Dioxide Removal to some extent to neutralize emissions from sources for which no mitigation measures have been identified [...].”

IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

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Some of our projects

Coastal Ocean Alkalinization Enhancement

The goal of Ocean Alkalinization Enhancement is to capture CO2 by accelerate the natural chemical weathering of silicates minerals like olivine by spreading amounts of ground mineral-containing rock onto coastlines where it can dissolve in seawater, thereby increasing the rate of CO2 absorption by the ocean.
A first pilote project is ongoing, in order to assess the feasibility of the project and rigorously measure all possible impacts.

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Who is Carbon Time?

Carbon Time is a mission-driven company, dedicated to help reach net-zero CO2 emissions. Our two activities are to support carbon removal research, and to help companies curb their CO2 emissions.

Carbon Time is backed by Team for the Planet, the non-profit investment fund dedicated to fighting climate change.