What if you could both compensate your emissions and invest in the future of decarbonization?

Carbon Time Trade is the first marketplace that allows you to buy carbon credits for current and future projects but also to invest in state of the art carbon removal R&D projects.
Climate change is here,
and companies can make the difference.
The science is clear: in order to avoid the most catastrophic scenarii, we have to act now.

More and more companies are taking a pledge to reach net-zero emissions, which mean that they will remove from the atmosphere as much greenhouse gaz than they emit.

Citizen all over the world are more and more sensitive to these challenges and companies can tip the scale to the right direction in this challende the humanity is facing.

Carbon time Trade is your partner in this journey to a more sustainable future.

How does the marketplace work?

Our marketpace provides you with various carbon removal projects as well as innovative technologies R&D projects. All our suppliers verify strict standard .
You can buy directly on the platform carbon credits as well as invest in state-of-art project, and thus build your net-zero portfolio.

Our team of expert is available if you need help in choosing your investments.
Each ton of CO2 stored or not emitted is materialized by either Carbon Credits or Climate Dividends, through rigorous protocols.
These Carbon Credits and Climate Dividends appear in your sustainability reports and allow you to reach net-zero emissions and developp carbon neutral products.

The ABC of carbon removal

Not all tons of CO2 are equal! When buidling your portfolio of Carbon Credits, look for these metrics.
For how long will the CO2 be stored? Depending on the carbon removal technology, the CO2 can be stored from a few dozen of years to permanently.
When will the CO2 be stored? If you invest in Future Carbon Credits or state-of-the-art R&D projects, look out for the temporality !
Various technologies for capturing CO2 exist. thay don’t all have the same efficiency, and they also have different co-benefits. For example, coastal carbon capture de-acidifies the ocean.
Not all removed tons of CO2 cost the same. Usually more expensive products mean a better durability, or a more innovative solution, or a technology with more co-benefits.

Our offer

Carbon Credits
Carbon Credits are tons of C02 that have already been removed from the atmosphere.

An independent third party verifies the carbon removals, and issues a certificate.

These Carbon Credits can be used in your environment reportings, and allow you to compensate your emissions.
Future Carbon Credits
When you buy Future Carbon Credits, our supplier commits to remove the corresponding amount of CO2 from the atmosphere.

This way, you can secure your Carbon Credits portfolio for the coming years and help new carbon removal projects take off.
Early Stage Projects
In order to reach net-zero emissions, we’ll need to developp new and innovative solutions to store or emitt less CO2.

Our Early Stage Projects allows you to invest in the research and developpement of tomorrow’s technologies.

Each ton of CO2 stored or not emitted thanks to your investment will grant you one Climate Dividend, a new kind of financial product, dedicated to actively decarbonising our economy.

We have high standards

Each ton of CO2 stored or not emitted that you can acquire on our platform is certified with one of the following standards
Verra’s verified carbon Standard is the world’s most widely used voluntary greenhouse gaz  program.
This standard sets rigorous rules and requirements for carbon removal projects developpers.
Gold Standard was founded to ensure that projects in carbon markets represent the highest levels of environmental integrity and deliver verified sustainable development benefits to local communities and ecosystems.
Developped by leading climate organization Climate Dividends are a new kind of financial products dedicated to actively create the future of decarbonization, through a strict protocol.

More about the Climate Dividends

Your reward for creating the future of decarbonization!
Climate Dividends are distributed for Early Stage projects only.
For each ton of CO2 not emitted or stored thanks to your investment in one of our Early Stage Project, you’ll receive one Climate Dividend.

Only companies contributing to scaling-up and deploying innovative solutions (both nature or technology-based) can distribute Climate Dividends.
You’ll receive Climate Dividends every year, even if you invested only once.
For each year where the innovation developped thanks to your investment will store or save CO2, you’ll receive climate Dividends.

Climate Dividends are riskyer in terms of results than regular Carbon Credits, but the long term return might be way higher. And they promote long term, innovative solutions.
Climate Dividends are distributed for Early Stage projects only.