Fighting carbon emissions is everyone’s business.

Carbon Time is dedicated to helping reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions
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Helping large companies lower their carbon emissions.
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Platform for the development of permanent carbon sequestration R&D projects.
Carbon credits and EAC certificates marketplace.

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Our mission

Climate change is the biggest threat humanity has had to face yet.
In order to avoid worst case scenarios, we have to limit global warming to 1.5°C.
To accomplish that, we need to urgently reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.
Reaching this objective will involve drastically reducing our emissions, but also removing carbon already present in the atmosphere.

Our method

We strongly believe that this goal will require an effective collaboration between companies and scientists.
We are dedicated to helping large companies reduce and offset their carbon emissions.
We help them implement innovative carbon reduction solutions, and allow them to invest in carbon removal technologies through carbon credits.
We support scientists developing carbon removal solutions by fostering a scientific ecosystem based on open data research.
Because fighting greenhouse gas emissions is everyone’s business, and Carbon Time’s mission.
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Our partners

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Backed by a global scale movement

Team for the Planet is a global scale movement of thousands of citizens and companies.
We are proud to have been financed by the movement and created the first innovation.

Team for the Planet is a non-profit company dedicated to raising 1 billion euros to fund 100 innovative compagnies fighting climate change.
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