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Building a long term Climate Strategy on Carbon Removal

The challenge we face requires immediate action, but also a long-term approach to carbon elimination. Our current strategies are still in their early stages, and require significant investment in research and technology to become fully operational in the short term. In this respect, it is essential to give priority to projects that offer a veritable very long-term perspective, with no risk of reversibility, by targeting a real permanence of over 20,000 years.

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Transforming Ocean Alkalinization Enhancement Together

- Investors

Become a Visionary and play a key role in shaping the future of carbon capture

Take the opportunity to be at the forefront of environmental innovation by stimulating research and development, accelerating our growth and giving you exclusive access to future carbon emission credits.

- Companies

Become a Pioneer and lead the way in corporate environmental responsibility

Secure your stake in the future of carbon offsetting by reserving early access to our high-quality permanent carbon removal credits at preferential rates, supporting project development and securing a priority position in the next phase of our journey.

- Coastal Industries

Become a Major Actor by incorporating our technologies into your processes

Participate directly by integrating our cutting-edge technologies into your operations. Become a leader actor in sustainable practices by adopting innovative solutions derived from public research, benefiting from an enhanced reputation and playing a key role in promoting climate-friendly oceans.

- Scientists

Become an Explorer and fast-track knowledge and tech maturity

Collaborate with our scientific community to advance the Ocean Alkalization Enhancement projects. Share your projects and ideas to accelerate our collective understanding and technological progress.

- Governments

Become a Catalyst for change and help us move forward

Play a key role in fostering environmental innovation by adapting regulations. You can facilitate the development of pilot projects that are essential to advancing our understanding and implementation of Ocean Alkalinization Enhancement solutions.

Why Partner with Carbon Time? 

The advancement of technologies to improve Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement as a function of Carbon Time is entering a pivotal phase, with the emergence of a high-demand market and the first supplier projects in their first stages of development.

Rigourous Validation by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Every project begins with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to fully understand its environmental impact and guarantee a net positive result. This fundamental step ensures that our projects don't just aim to eliminate carbon, but do so by taking into account their entire environmental footprint.

Detailed Assessment and Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV) Systems

After LCA, we use a series of robust assessment tools, including environmental risk assessments, predictive models and customized measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems. These tools are essential to accurately monitor the effectiveness and environmental impact of our carbon dioxide removal (CDR) efforts.

Future Carbon Dioxide Removal Credits (CDR) Pools

We create a reserve of future credits for each project, symbolizing our commitment to developing projects dedicated to carbon sequestration. These "execution commitments" support our projects from the earliest stages, guaranteeing increased and positive development for all.

Assets of Carbon Dioxide Removal Credits

Our future credits evolve into valuable carbon credits as projects become operational, marking a significant milestone in our journey from promise to real-world impact. This transformation marks the transition from future credits to real, valuable carbon credits, signifying real-world impact.

Blockchain for Transparency

We utilize blockchain technology to record each carbon credit, ensuring a transparent, secure, and immutable ledger of all transactions. This prevents double counting and reinforces the integrity of our projects.

Climate Dividends for Investors

Investing in Carbon Time offers a unique incentive: for every tonne of CO₂ we store, you receive a Climate Dividend. Not only does this support the fight against climate change, it also gives you a tangible return on your investment, by linking it directly to a positive impact on the environment.

Standardized assets verified by a third-party organization

Carbon Time develops standardized assets that reflect physical products, enabling the liquidity of these markets in relation to registered environmental performance claims. These standardized assets include environmental performance attributes and original consensus-based attributes, necessary to evaluate and exchange claims along the value chain on the basis of immutable records. These environmental performance declarations are based on empirically verified data traceable to the source.

A third-party organization will be responsible for checking that everything is done correctly.

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At the heart of our approach is the search for synergies - the fusion of science, technology and the vast potential of the ocean to create a sustainable future.  

Your ideas are essential to our progress. Whether you're full of questions, comments or visionary ideas ready to tackle our planet's pressing challenges, we value your voice. Committed to the spirit of collaboration, our team appreciates and encourages constructive feedback.

Let's explore synergy opportunities together. Your contribution can help shape the course of our collective future.