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At Carbon Time, we are at the pioneering stage of ocean and climate technology, committed to developing marine solutions for carbon dioxide removal. Our commitment to creating a sustainable future is deeply grounded in our unique approach to creating high-durability solutions to benefit future generations.

Innovation for the Earth

We apply our expertise to the development of ocean-based solutions for reducing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. By harnessing the vast potential of the seas, we aim to implement strategies that are not only effective today, but will continue to benefit for more than 20,000 years.

Transparency and Trust

We believe in the power of transparency by sharing our findings and methodologies. The impact of our initiatives is essential to building trust within our communities and among our stakeholders. Open dialogue and honest communication are the foundation of our business.

Technology Explorations

At the heart of Carbon Time is our continuous quest for technological innovation, where we constantly explore new frontiers, seeking and developing synergies between technologies and players. By pushing back the boundaries of what is possible, we aim to be the pioneers of new solutions in the fight against climate change with ocean.

Collaboration and Integrity

Our work is founded on collaboration with the world's greatest scientific minds and institutions. Together, we push the boundaries of what is possible, guided by a commitment to rigorous research and innovation. By partnering with those who share our vision, we amplify our impact and strive to find innovative solutions. 

Continuous Improvement

The road to sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to constantly reassessing and refining our practices and strategies, incorporating new ideas and innovations to ensure that our efforts today contribute to a healthier future.

Strong Citizen Community

We are first of all Team for the Planet, created by and for Team for the Planet, a global movement of citizens and companies united in the fight against climate change. This collaboration represents more than just support; it's a demonstration of the power of collective action.

"Carbon Time represents a ray of hope in the fight against climate change, thanks to its approach to improving Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement" M. Coly

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Ivan Communod
Matthieu Helwig

Science Advisors

Dr. Odile Crabeck
Advisor Marine Science Expert
Dr. Filip Meysman
Advisor Marine Science Expert
Scientific Experts Partner
University of Antwerp

10+ Scientific Experts on the study of Carbon Dioxide Removal potential in coastal environments.

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10+ pluridisciplinary experts from public scientific institutes and private companies.

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At the heart of our approach is the search for synergies - the fusion of science, technology and the vast potential of the ocean to create a sustainable future.  

Your ideas are essential to our progress. Whether you're full of questions, comments or visionary ideas ready to tackle our planet's pressing challenges, we value your voice. Committed to the spirit of collaboration, our team appreciates and encourages constructive feedback.

Let's explore synergy opportunities together. Your contribution can help shape the course of our collective future.